“A world which sees art and engineering as divided is not seeing the world as a whole.” — Professor Sir Edmund Happold

Our preconstruction professionals coordinate with vendors and local government planning departments to examine the project opportunity well before permits are pulled and construction commences. This phase will critically examine the value, sustainability, budgeting, timeline, and subcontractor availability and expertise, ensuring the success of the project from day one.

No matter the size of the commercial construction endeavor, our preconstruction & planning services are comprehensive, from the first site visit to project closeout. Initiating the preconstruction services early in the project cycle allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget, while our construction management expertise ensures that your project is constructed to the highest quality standards.

Services Include

Cost Savings

Our preconstruction professionals can save you time and money by:

  • Conducting a constructability/feasibility study
  • Assessing the project site
  • Analyzing the local market
  • Identifying potential risks
  • Managing construction scheduling & timeline
  • Coordinating with vendors and subcontractors
  • Obtaining permits and approvals

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